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Twitter & Facebook. Can you imagine life without those two social networks? I wouldn't even try to imagine that...

Almost every website now has twitter or facebook fans counter and a button to their fan page or twitter account. Why not combining followers counter and “follow us” button? Here’s something really simple for your website. These are 125px wide so would fit any standard sidebar. Enjoy!

  1. Mike Markivee

    Posted May 25th 2011 reply to Mike Markivee

    These are brilliant! i wonder however…how would one go about making these work as actual counters on a website?


    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted May 25th 2011

      I’ll try to figure something out. stay tuned.

  2. Graham

    Posted May 25th 2011 reply to Graham

    This is such an awesome freebie!
    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome looking widgets :)

  3. Paul

    Posted May 26th 2011 reply to Paul

    This site is ace, thanks!

  4. Mike Markivee

    Posted May 26th 2011 reply to Mike Markivee

    Thank you for making these working counters! you guys are the best!

  5. Kyle

    Posted August 24th 2011 reply to Kyle

    These look really flash, will be implementing these on a few of my websites, thanks.

  6. Mike

    Posted September 6th 2011 reply to Mike

    Hey, AWESOME! .. Quick question, did you figure out how to code the Counters ? .. I have been trying to rip to code but nothing. :)

  7. Thanks for this useful yet free file. Featured here:

  8. Really nice designs, cheers!!!

  9. I really like these but did you ever come up with code that would actually make them usable? I would think you would have to override the raw html using CSS but what kind of queries would make it work?

  10. Dusty

    Posted February 2nd 2012 reply to Dusty

    really beautiful…What font have u used..
    i just love the font :)

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