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  1. Minimal Calendar Minimal Calendar
    Freebie uploaded by Alex Pascal
    • 18
    • 5,665

    Last calendar widget we released got over 4500 downloads. Here’s another one for you. Even more minimalistic than the previous one.

  2. Facebook Timeline Facebook Timeline
    Freebie uploaded by Maroš Hollý
    • 59
    • 20,141

    Are you a Facebook user? Or maybe you design campaings for social media? Either way, this PSD file should come in handy.

  3. Tabbed sidebar widget Tabbed sidebar widget
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 82
    • 7,472

    Designing a WordPress theme? This one might be useful! A minimalist, light, clean and simple tabbed sidebar widget.

  4. Twitter & Facebook widget Twitter & Facebook widget
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 136
    • 9,812

    Twitter & Facebook. Can you imagine life without those two social networks? I wouldn’t even try to imagine that…

  5. Your cart widget Your cart widget
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 168
    • 16,911

    So you run an online store and want to replace this boring “your cart” widget in the upper right corner of your site?