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  1. Simple progress bar Simple progress bar
    Freebie uploaded by lovelyDSGN
    • 49
    • 9,959

    Great news! New contributor joined our crew. Check out this amazing, slick and simple progress bar.

  2. Super slick music player Super slick music player
    Freebie uploaded by Iqbal Perkasa
    • 29
    • 5,864

    Dark elegance music player. Fully grouped, layered, and customizable PSD. Just download and enjoy it.

  3. Colourful Little Slider Colourful Little Slider
    Freebie uploaded by Nicholas Craig
    • 47
    • 5,087

    Sliders again? Hell, yeah! There’s never enough of these pretty little things. And just look at those colors.

  4. Slick on/off switch Slick on/off switch
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 24
    • 6,775

    I know we had sliders last week, but I just couldn’t resist to share these with you.

  5. Sliders with indicators Sliders with indicators
    Freebie uploaded by VennerConcept
    • 29
    • 4,500

    A set of modern sliders with some metal handles and sweet looking indicators.

  6. Simple modern sliders Simple modern sliders
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 89
    • 9,889

    A really quick and simple freebie today. Nice little slider psd for both light and dark backgrounds. Enjoy!

  7. Slick UI elements Slick UI elements
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 223
    • 18,324

    Hello World! Welcome to Freebies Booth – best place to get free design resources! Enjoy and spread the word!