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  1. Colourful Little Slider Colourful Little Slider
    Freebie uploaded by Nicholas Craig
    • 47
    • 5,110

    Sliders again? Hell, yeah! There’s never enough of these pretty little things. And just look at those colors.

  2. Marketplace buttons Marketplace buttons
    Freebie uploaded by Cole Bemis
    • 46
    • 16,186

    You’ve probably heard of Envato Marketplaces. If you sell on one of them, we’ve got something for you.

  3. Hand Drawn Web icons Hand Drawn Web icons
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 316
    • 42,347

    Since there are some changes going on in 177DESIGNS, we’re moving most of our freebies to Freebies Booth.

  4. Shiny on / off indicators Shiny on / off indicators
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 97
    • 9,202

    Another one great for notyfying users about their settings being turned on or off… or maybe even broken?

  5. 32px social media icons 32px social media icons
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 258
    • 24,010

    There are hundreds of social media icon sets, we know. But there isn’t one as colorful as ours. Enjoy!

  6. Mini tooltips Mini tooltips
    Freebie uploaded by Pawel Kadysz
    • 275
    • 19,794

    Designing a web app? Need to notify your users with style? Those mini tooltips will be perfect! Take a look.