Navigation. Menu. Most important elements on every website. Here's a pretty little something for you.

Since Slick UI elements is one of our most popular freebie, here’s another one with a similar style. Put it in your website design or whatever else you can think of. Web app maybe? Resizable, fully layered PSD with two color schemes. Enjoy!

  1. Victor

    Posted May 16th 2011 reply to Victor

    Sharp and clean. Nice work guys! Love it.

  2. Al

    Posted August 29th 2011 reply to Al

    It appeares to be missing things from the preview above (outline, glossiness, etc).

    Still very nice though.

  3. Ace

    Posted October 4th 2011 reply to Ace

    Loving it man .. Thanks for the freebi

  4. Vampal

    Posted November 11th 2011 reply to Vampal

    I think black and Berry will more match than aqua blue.

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