Simple web buttons

Ahh, buttons! Can you imagine the Internet without them? The simpler the better. So there you go...

… a pretty little set. Light and dark version. Three styles for each color scheme included: normal, hover and active. Fully layered and resizable. Perfect for web and desktop apps. We actually used those in couple of our designs at 177DESIGNS.

This button PSD file should also look great when combined with Mini tooltips.

  1. Very good buttons. But is it free to use on website with AdSens??

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted May 15th 2011

      It’s free to use on any website you like.

  2. I turned the buttons into CSS3 Code. You can grab them here:

  3. Vampal

    Posted November 11th 2011 reply to Vampal

    simply, but can be build in purely CSS3 now.

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