Shiny little map pins

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare... everyone want to know where I am. Why not show my current location with style?

These two are really simple little pins. They can add a bit of freshness to your mobile app interface or your web application. It’s also pretty easy to change color schemes of the pins. Like the file? Leave a comment. Enjoy!

  1. Wow, this is beautiful! I love the “you are here” scribble too. Is it included with the download?

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted May 12th 2011

      it is, but it’s not vector unfortunately. sorry.

  2. husac

    Posted May 13th 2011 reply to husac

    great stuff, thanks for sharing. here’s my contribution to your post.

  3. dan

    Posted June 22nd 2011 reply to dan

    I will use it for my next webdesign. Thanks from France.

  4. Martin

    Posted February 3rd 2012 reply to Martin

    Beautifull work I will be using these most likely on my next site.

    Thanks for making it available for us!

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