Little calendar widget

It's been a great year. Thank you for over 130,000 downloads. Here's a little present for you. 2012 calendar! Enjoy!

It’s fully layered resizable vector little calendar widget inspired by iOS interface. It can be used and look really slick in both web and iOS apps. It is also very easy to change the color scheme. Enjoy the file and happy new year from Freebies Booth!

  1. Hi Pawel,

    As a graphic designer myself, I see many things everyday but it’s not very often that I see something that I really find beautiful like this calendar. It’s a true piece of art you’ve made there !

    Thank you very much to share it.

    Gaphiste Haute Savoie.

  2. Vida Hernaus

    Posted December 30th 2011 reply to Vida Hernaus

    This looks great, thanks!
    And happy new year :)

  3. ibrahim

    Posted January 4th 2012 reply to ibrahim

    Just wanted to say thanks!

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted January 12th 2012

      You’re welcome (; Let me know if you use this calendar in your projects.

  4. Stuart

    Posted May 29th 2012 reply to Stuart

    Many thanks for this. looks great.

  5. april

    Posted June 7th 2012 reply to april

    Sorry, I’m stumbling around trying to set up a site–can I use this as a sidebar widget and how do I make it functional?

    • Patrick

      Posted June 14th 2012

      It’s just the photoshop components. You’ll have to create / acquire the brains running behind it to do the math / logic. These are just the ‘skin’ that looks good on top of your code.

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