PatriGlyphs Set #1

Please welcome Patrik, who was so kind to share his awesome pixel perfect glyph icons with all of you. Enjoy the set!

This pack contains 50 icons in 16x16px size, all glyph icons are optimized for a tiny size but are 100% resizeable! PNG icons are included if you want to use it straight out of the box, CSH are included for all you designers who want pretty glyphs to work with.

This is the first set of at least two. Second set will be available early next year and contain 50 more glyphs in the same style and size as these! Wait no longer, download them today and spread the word!

  1. Cosmin

    Posted February 1st 2012 reply to Cosmin

    Close to 1000 downloads and not a single Thank You in the comments.

    THANK YOU, Patrik!

    • Patrik Larsson

      Posted February 2nd 2012

      Haha! Thanks, Cosmin! :)

    • haobam

      Posted June 27th 2012

      Thanks a lot. It’s been one of the most useful download.

  2. Koby S.

    Posted February 3rd 2012 reply to Koby S.

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks Patrik, much appreciated!

  4. Awesome, Thank you very much ;)

  5. oluwaseun

    Posted June 14th 2012 reply to oluwaseun

    Thanks buddy. Really nice.

  6. toribloger

    Posted June 14th 2012 reply to toribloger

    Tham You! Amasing icon

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