Last freebie was about music, now it's time for movies. A little PSD that should make a movie poster look better.

You’ll find several layers in the PSD file, but there’s one that’s more important than others. It’s “Poster Image” Smart object that contains an actual image. To change that image you should select that layer, click it with right mouse button and select “Replace contents…”

Curled movie poster

Than, just browse your hard drive for new poster and when you find the right one, select it and hit “Place”. It may turn out to big or to small. If so, go to “Edit > Transform > Scale” and scale the image so it fits. And BAM! There it is, completely new poster with just few clicks!

Curled movie poster

  1. algeriano

    Posted February 7th 2012 reply to algeriano

    the dowloading link doesn’t work :)

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted February 7th 2012

      It does. It redirects to Freebies Booth is one of the authors there, and for 9 more days some of our files are available only via Zero Bundle.

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