Blue featured ribbon

Got some content really worth reading? Why not using a fancy little ribbon? Take a look at this little thing.

It’s of course resizable vector. You can easily change the color of the ribbon with just a few clicks. Changing orientation will require a bit more work, but it also can be done in no more than 3 minutes. Enjoy! Oh, and if you like it, click on one of the links below to help spreading the word.

  1. nitroushacker

    Posted July 16th 2011 reply to nitroushacker

    Fantastic clarity

  2. Ashish

    Posted March 2nd 2012 reply to Ashish

    This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing such a great stuff!!

  3. Abhay

    Posted June 7th 2012 reply to Abhay

    you guys are doing amazing job
    really :P

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