Social media icons

There are hundreds of social media icon sets, we know. But there isn't one as colorful as ours. Enjoy!

You get 35 colorful social media icons. These are 32px PNG files. No PSD included this time. We tried to include all the popular social media in the set. But if there’s anything missing, just let us know.

  1. Idil

    Posted May 1st 2011 reply to Idil

    These are really colourful, it’s exactly what I needed. Thanks guys!

  2. Kate

    Posted May 1st 2011 reply to Kate

    Woot – 100th download :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say these are delicious. Thanks for sharing!

    I’d like to suggest some if I could:
    Zerply, Picasa, PayPal, DesignMoo and WordPress :D

    Thanks again!

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted May 2nd 2011

      Sure, I’ll update the set with new icons soon.

  3. Grochu

    Posted May 5th 2011 reply to Grochu

    Nice, but i wait for .psd becouse i need a Blip icon :)

  4. Naomi

    Posted May 7th 2011 reply to Naomi

    Thanks for the social media icons, they’re great!

    A Pinterest one would be awesome too.

  5. Ali

    Posted May 10th 2011 reply to Ali

    I second the Pinterest icon request. :) They redesigned their logo to the black and white ‘P’. I can’t find a 32px icon of it anywhere.

    Thank you for the set!

  6. These are beyond stunning, these are truly pixel perfect!

  7. Murat

    Posted May 26th 2011 reply to Murat


  8. Thanks, nice collection!

  9. Patricia

    Posted July 26th 2011 reply to Patricia

    Too bad you don’t have a Goodreads icon, but it seems it’s not that popular ;(

    Anyway, really good set!

  10. Thanks Pawel these icons are lush.

    There are plenty of these 3d style CSS3 buttons around at the moment so these would fit it perfectly with current trends.

    Bookmarked this for future use.

  11. Karla

    Posted August 15th 2011 reply to Karla

    I see I’m not the only one on the hunt. I’ve been looking for Instagram, Pinterest, Moo Design, and google readsI’d make my own but I’m too know at this techie stuff but hope too in the future.

    Please let me know when you have updates on these.

    Thanks much,

  12. Marissa

    Posted November 27th 2011 reply to Marissa

    A Bloglovin and Pinterest icon would be great!!

  13. Neil

    Posted December 29th 2011 reply to Neil

    Great icons :)

  14. Tabitha

    Posted January 11th 2012 reply to Tabitha

    Hey! Thanks for the great icons. I used a few of them for my blog. :-)

    • Pawel Kadysz

      Posted January 12th 2012

      They look great on your blog (;

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