Thanks for all the downloads! Our freebies have been downloaded 10,000 times! And it's just the beginning!

We decided to celebrate this milestone with a nice ribbon. It actually looks better than the previous one from our header. Hope you like it. It’s very easy to change the color of the ribbon. Just double click on the smart object symbol in the layers list.

10k downloads ribbon

New window opens with all the layers listed. Double click on the little dark red thumbnail and change the color to whatever you like.

After you change colors of all the layers, go to File > Save, and than File > Close. And just like that you should now have a pretty little ribbon with completely new color scheme. Have fun!

10k downloads ribbon

  1. srikanth

    Posted May 22nd 2011 reply to srikanth

    This is more professional. I like your works and I like contributing to it too :)

  2. Oh man, you’re a genius designer! Awesome stuff! :)

  3. Mike

    Posted August 5th 2011 reply to Mike

    Nice Ribbon. Well Done. Thank You

  4. Vampal

    Posted November 11th 2011 reply to Vampal

    Ha, thanks for this lesson, I am trying it myself now.

  5. Brian

    Posted November 11th 2011 reply to Brian

    Absolutely beautiful work — all of it, not just this ribbon. Thanks for the great resources!

    Can you tell me what font you used for the “Thank you” in the 018_10k_ribbon graphic?

  6. Hi Pawel, this is my second download on freebies. I am very thankful. Please share more. I am bookmarking this for future sharing to my good friends.

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